5.5″ Oschner Forceps


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Rochester-Oschner (Kocher) Forceps are a heavy hemostat designed to aggressively grasp medium to heavy tissue or occlude heavy, dense vessels. They have horizontal serrations the entire length of the jaw as well as 1×2 teeth at the tip. The combination of full serrations plus teeth ensure a firm grip on the tissue or vessel being held. Rochester-Oschner Forceps are available either curved or straight. These forceps are sometimes referred to as simply Oschner Forceps.

Material: Stainless Steel

Available Curvature: Straight or Curved


Depend on stainless steel metal grade, prices range from $4.00 – $19.00

*Use the downtab next to the instrument picture to select the quality desired.

Economy – $4.00

German – $19.00

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Roch-Oschner Options:

5.5 in Roch-Oschner Straight Economy (-$15.00), 5.5 in Roch-Oschner Straight German, 5.5 in Roch-Oschner Curved Economy (-$15.00), 5.5 in Roch-Oschner Curved German

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